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Trailer Premier - Mars & Venus: Operation Equilibrium

Written, Directed and Produced by Okema and her partner Katie Mack for their company Boxed Out Productions, Mars & Venus: Operation Equilibrium is the first fully collaborative film the ladies have presented to the public, and they are truly excited about the premiere of the trailer at the infamous Monolodge.  With a multicultural cast, and a very different approach to short film, this piece takes a microscopic look into what the human race could become if we stay on this self-destructive path.  The ladies plan to submit the film for the 2015/2016 festival season in hopes of garnering the attention and funding to make the full feature film in the near future.


Synopsis: Mars & Venus: Operation Equilibrium looks at modern society and its growing lack of love, empathy and apathy toward one another, ourselves and the generations that will follow.  Narrated by the androgynous Athen - a futuristic citizen of the final sect of human-esque beings left on the planet- dubbed Citizen L143, her plea to the present is that they change their ways so that she can save human kind.  To emphasize her point, she has a host of characters that will tell their varied stories, reminding us of how beautifully flawed human kind may be, but how absolutely worth saving the human race is.

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