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My New Exciting Opportunity with Mastercard

Been quiet, but that never means that things aren't happening!

As I work on becoming a Certified Minority Owned & Woman Owned Business, I'm excited to know that after all of the rejections for small business grants, the NYC Football Club and Mastercard understood that just because I don't sell a common product, that I pay taxes and run just like any other small business. And with that, we are one of five winners of the Mastercard x NYCFC City Assistant Grants! Major shout to my partner in crime, Yhá Mourhia Wright, for representing at the awards event while I was on location with CNN this summer!

These funds are already making their way to creatives! From overall artist grants and stipends, to film festival submission grants, and once again we will be patronizing my good sis, Tiffani Janelle #cheftothestars to offer our Thanksgiving Meal giveaway.

Look out for "calls for entry" and nomination info in the next few weeks for these awesome opportunities, and know that we are blessed to serve our artistic community in NYC and beyond!

I am a small business, making big moves and truly honored to be blessed to be a blessing!

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