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Okema will play the lead in 'Wine In The Wilderness'

Pittsburgh, PA—demaskus Theater Collective announces full casting for its March 2015 production of Wine in the Wilderness, featuring revolutionary dialogue about race and women set amid the 1964 Harlem race riots.


The production features Okema Moore as “Tommy,” LaMar Darnell Fields as “Bill Jameson,” Dawn Wilson as “Cynthia,” Steven Strickland as “Sonny-Man,” Chuck Timbers as “Oldtimer,” and Dominique Briggs as “Neighbor.”

In honor of women’s history month, Wine in the Wilderness is the SHE SAID 2015 production, presented by demaskus Theater Collective, in collaboration with Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s Community Engagement Department. This production is made possible through the generous support of The Heinz Endowments, as well as Phoinix Premier Events and Crew412.

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