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#MtE is Casting

ATTENTION: Auditions for a Staged Reading in March, 2016


OACE Productions in association with MOOREthanEnuff Media presents a Dialogical Opera™…




Auditions will be held in Midtown, NY on Wednesday, January 20th from 6:30-8:45pm, with the exact location to be given upon review of submitted headshot/resume. If you are unable to make the auditions, please submit as we are considering accepting self-tapes, however in-person auditions will get first consideration. Sides will be given at the audition, however, please also have a monologue on hand in case it is requested, that coincides with the character you are auditioning for.


Send all submissions to


Logline: As news of the King’s untimely demise spreads, his daughter (The General) must fight to find the truth behind his death before Brick City crowns a new King.


Seeking the below characters for a staged and orchestrated reading in March with ultimate plans for both a domestic and international tour of the full production. There will be no pay for reading, however all actors cast will be considered for traveling cast which will include travel stipend, lodging and per diem.


Queen Mother - A/A female (mid 40’s early 50’s) 

Wife of King Baraka I. she is regal and stately in her carriage, yet worn as her husband’s dream has taken its toll.


Lord Chancellor – A/A or multi-ethnic male, tall, slender but strong (early to mid 30’s) 

Smart, charming and witty, he is a master politician and speaker.


General Baraka – A/A female; fit or slight athletic frame (mid 20’s to early 30’s) 

Only Child of King Baraka, a fearless warrior who commands the South Carmicheal Field army.


Commander General – Open Ethnicity, Male (mid 30’s – 40’s) 

Commander-in-Chief of the Army. He lives and dies by the law, a true soldier.


West Klan Leader Sharpe – A/A or Mixed Ethnicity Male, tall and imposing (early to mid 30’s) 

Leader of the West and a deadly warrior. He can trace his lineage centuries back when his ancestors ruled Noork.


North Klan Leader Cenara – Spanish/Latino Male (mid 30’s – 40’s) 

Good looking man who comes from the richest and strongest Klan’s in the North. A great strategic mind and sharp wit with the smarts to bring most opponents to their knees.


East Klan Leader Reya – Asian or Middle Eastern Male (open to other non A/A ethnicity options) (early to mid 30’s) 

Extremely pragmatic, he only seeks to keep Brick City safe.


South Klan Leader MoMa – Caucasian Female, attractive and overtly feminine but with edge (early to mid 30’s) 

The Witch of the South, she is the perfect killing machine.


Prophet Jonathan – Open Ethnicity Male, quirky (great for a character actor) (late 20’s – mid 30’s)

Eccentric spiritual leader with one of the largest flocks in the city.


Irvine T. – A/A or Mixed Male (early to mid 20’s) 

Handsome young man with a good heart who works in The Pit.


Eddie T. – A/A Male, preferably darker complexion (mid to late 20’s) 

Complete opposite of his brother Irvine and slightly jealous of him.


Captain of The Guard – Mixed or Ethnically Ambiguous Male (mid to late 30’s) Rejected recruit from the South Carmicheal army. A master of torture with a thick New Orleans accent. He takes full pleasure in his job.


Chief Sterling – A/A Male (early to mid 40’s) 

2nd in command of The Pit and Father to Irvine and Eddie.


Lt Taylor – Open Ethnicity Male (mid to late 30’s) 

General Baraka’s 2nd in Command


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