Who Runs the World? GIRLS!

May 22, 2015

Ok, maybe we don’t run it yet, but we are so moving in that direction. As we’ve seen, females have been moving up and on for some time now.  In the entertainment space and beyond, women are all over the big gigs.  From Academy President, Cheryl Boone Isaacs to Barbara Underhill, the Toronto Maple Leafs Skating Coach, to Shonda Rhimes who is RUNNING Thursday nights on major network ABC with presently three, soon to be FOUR shows!
As a woman who looks to be sitting at the big boy’s table VERY SOON, I applaud when other women are elevated.  So it’s nice to see that the tech space is welcoming painted fingernails to tap on its keys too!  In film and media, technology is what has lent tremendously to the massive growth of the industry in the last decade or so.  And the existence of a retail giant like Amazon owning some real estate in the web series space is pretty big for the industry, given the fact that once upon a time your web series only lived on YouTube, your own web site or - most recently - Netflix or Hulu if you got landed a deal outside of V.O.D. (video on demand).  But it seems they are seeking new opportunities for their brand and offering them as well!

51 year old Maria Renz is Amazon’s first female to occupy the position of Technical Advisor to the CEO, aka his ‘shadow.’  This role basically grooms the individual in it to be their own amazing exec down the line.  The intent is to have the ‘shadow’ follow CEO Jeff Bezos to meetings, events and to assist in decision-making within the company under his guidance and tutelage.  Prior ‘shadows’ have gained international exposure and knowledge and have gone on to become executives within and beyond Amazon.
It’s frightening to see that in 2015 there are still so many firsts, be they  gender or ethnicity based.  BUT at the very least, I applaud digital retail giant Amazon for making it happen and look forward to the continuance of the “trend.”  Women in positions of power and influence makes me happy, and also tends to even out the playing field in many instances.  So kudos to Maria and to all of my #girlboss chicks and #She-E-O’s keep it going!


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Image source: NYDailyNews.com

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