Rapper Common In Bed With HBO

October 28, 2015

Rapper, Actor and now Producer Common has gotten into bed with HBO.  He has secured a "first look" deal with the cable giant to create and produce projects for them.  I'm not certain if this will be solely for the network, solely for the HBO Go Platform or what.  But that's a pretty dope look for the revamped lyricist.  


Prior to signing with Kanye West and G.O.O.D. Music, it seemed as if Common was simply in slight hibernation.  However, after signing with Yeezy, his entire persona shifted.  His music re-emerged, his brand kicked into high gear and he's been coasting ever since.  


The forty plus hottie has been in the game over two decades, however many actors that I know have frowned upon his acting abilities.  BUT, even if he's no Denzel...he's doing SOMETHING right.  Because not only did his song with John Legend earn him a Grammy this year, he has been on the big screen consistently.  


I even worked with him this summer on the Rza Directed "Coco," being released March 2016 via Lionsgate and Code Black.  And let me just say that his assistant is THE most adorable and cool person ever!  The film stars controversial rapper Azealia Banks and includes (speaking of Denzel) John David Washington (HBO Ballers) and Lucien Laviscount (Scream Queens).  Common plays the husband of Jill Scott's character who is a famous rapper and spoken word poet (a stretch right? LOL).


Anyway, kudos to you cutie Common!  Folks can love it or hate it...but they will surely have to respect it! Can't wait to see what you crank out! 


Check out the article here via IndieWire.com.


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Image courtesy talk2sv.com

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