Victoria Secret's Transgendered Angel

October 28, 2015

As we continue to fight in Hollywood - and the entertainment sector in general - for equal pay and equal opportunities across the board, for me that does not simply mean more female directors, more people of color in major lead roles and block buster films, or more strong feminine based story's also about including EVERYONE.  


I think that Carmen Carerra is beautiful and I personally would LOVE to see her out there strutting her toned and svelte stuff for Vickie's.  I mean...that's a real secret for Victoria, right?  LOL #JK BUT this could widely lead to them not just including the Trans community in their ads [Click for full article] and shows/campaigns, but quite possibly it could poke them to see that keeping their Angels at the envy-worthy size of super petite is amazing for the shows and so on...but that most women do not look like these ladies.  So let's see if Trans happens and then possibly it could lead to plus size angles rocking the wings too.  *a girl can dream 




Photo courtesy Huffington Post

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